More gritting needed, poll shows

The country's icy roads are not being adequately dealt with by local councils, most motorists believe, with freezing conditions having led to a recent spate of accident claims on car insurance policies.

A survey by esure car insurance showed that 63% of the 1,000 drivers polled wanted to see local roads gritted more frequently, while 40% said their local council should do more to ensure that roads were safe to drive on in icy weather.

Meanwhile, nine in 10 drivers (89%) felt that motorways were safer to drive on than local roads, with 54% adding that they would feel happier driving a long distance on a main road during bad weather than travelling a short distance on local roads.

Mike Pickard, the group's head of risk and underwriting, said: "The past few days have been particularly treacherous for British motorists as winter weather has well and truly set in.

"It is of the utmost importance for motorists to adjust their driving style during the winter months and to judge carefully when it is safe to drive and when it's best to stay at home."

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