More adults injured in cold weather

Concerns have been raised over the safety of road users after a study found that rain, snow, frost and plummeting temperatures all contribute to a big increase in the number of adults admitted to hospital with serious injuries.

The study - the largest of its kind - found that a majority of hospital admissions are caused by traffic accidents and falls.

With every 5C drop in temperature, there is a 3% rise in adult admissions for serious injury, while snow causes an 8% increase.

Rain also leads to an increase in trauma admissions, with every 10mm of additional rainfall causing a 2.2% rise.

Researcher Giles Pattison, from theUniversity Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire, said the study - which looked at hospital data and weather patterns for 10 years - suggests the UK is not so well prepared for winter months.

He said in the mid west of America, where temperatures can fall dramatically, there is a drop in the number of hospital admissions.

Meanwhile, the study also found that every 5C rise in temperature above daily maximum during the summer results in a 10% increase in the number of children admitted to hospital.

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