Money wasted on 'distracting' signs

Roadsides are being filled up with signs that provide "too much information about nothing", language campaigners have claimed.

Drivers are being distracted and money is being wasted on the signs, according to the Plain English Campaign (PEC), which aims to reduce 'gobbledegook'.

The complaint was made after the Highways Agency announced it had decided not to plant signs saying "Highways Agency" next to motorways nationwide, after putting £76,000 of taxpayers' money towards a "pilot project" in the north west of England.

A total of 23 "Highways Agency" were installed alongside the M6, while 11 were put next to the A66 in 2005 as part of an experiment.

"Police constantly tell motorists not to use mobiles or eat or drink when driving but to concentrate on driving," said a PEC spokesman.

"Yet at the same time there seem to be more and more signs springing up to distract motorists.

The Highways Agency spokesman said 'Highways Agency' signs were planted in the North West as part of "a pilot which investigated whether we should sign the roads we manage". But he said the agency had decided against installing signs nationwide.

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