Mobility scooter gets speed warning

A disabled grandmother has been given a speeding ticket accusing her of travelling at 41mph on a mobility scooter which has a top speed of 8mph.

Janice Carrick, from Doncaster, was told that a roadside camera had caught her breaking the 30mph limit on her Meyra 12-volt electric scooter.

At the time of the ticket being issued she was at a hospital appointment almost 40 miles away and her vehicle was in for repairs.

Police are investigating, and believe the mix-up may have resulted from someone cloning a number plate.

Miss Carrick, 53, who suffers hearing and mobility problems, uses the scooter to go shopping locally from her home in Denaby.

However, she received a fixed penalty notice from police telling her there was photographic evidence of her speeding in Otley Road, Leeds.

She said: "I normally never go further than Mexborough or Conisbrough for my shopping.

"I'd need to make a few modifications to my scooter to be able to get to Leeds, let alone travel at 41mph."

West Yorkshire's Safety Casualty Reduction Partnership has re-examined the vehicle photographed and found that the vehicle involved was not a four-wheel electric mobility scooter.

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