Mobility scooter driver saves injured man

Mobility scooter driver saves injured man

The drivers of cars, vans and lorries have often come to the rescue when members of the public have been in need of help.

But when walker Paul Lane fell and broke his leg on the hillside of a remote Cornish valley he had a mobility scooter and its driver to thank for rescuing him.

Members of the Disabled Ramblers were in the Poldice Valley near Redruth when they heard Mr Lane's cries for help.

They alerted the emergency services after five members of the group scrambled up the steep hillside and found the stricken dog walker lying about 150 metres above the track.

But the area's rough terrain meant paramedics could not get their ambulance close enough to Mr Lane and foggy conditions meant the air ambulance was unable to leave its base, group leader John Cuthbertson said.

The ramblers called for their rescue trailer and after securing Mr Lane to it, he was towed down to the waiting ambulance by an off-road mobility scooter driven by one of the group's members.

Mr Lane was then taken on to hospital by ambulance.

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