Mobility riders may face tests

Mobility scooter riders may face "fitness to drive" tests and have to get insurance in a Government bid to reduce accidents.

Weight limits, training, fitness to drive, insurance and registration are among issues to be examined in a three-month consultation, said Transport Minister Sadiq Khan in a written ministerial statement.

The main areas being addressed in the consultation by ministers include the legal classification and design standards including the permitted unladen weight limits and safety features. Major areas also include possible reforms concerning vehicle users including better information provision, training and fitness to drive, insurance and the registration of mobility scooters.

Deaths and serious injuries in recent years have often involved pensioners who lost control of the vehicles. Last month, Rose Phillips, 69, died after her scooter apparently crashed into a river in Witham, Essex.

In January, Norfolk police announced they were offering road safety training after a spate of accidents in the county.

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