Mitsubishi president is to step down

Mitsubishi president is to step down

Mitsubishi's president is to step down over the mileage test-fixing scandal, it has been announced.

The Japanese car manufacturer has said faked tests may date back as far as the early 1990s and could involve all its models, including ones that have been discontinued.

President Tetsuro Aikawa denies any personal involvement in the wrongdoing, but says he will step down after overseeing the investigation into the scandal.

His resignation is expected to be finalised on June 24 if it is approved by shareholders, although his successor is yet to be announced.

Mitsubishi insists that the mileage rigging was not ordered by top managers, but admits employees were under pressure to get better results out of the fuel efficiency tests. And it says it did not carefully scrutinise a lot of the testing work which had been undertaken by a subsidiary.

Mitsubishi's share prices plunged after news of the scandal broke last month, prompting Nissan to take a 34% stake in the firm for £1.5 billion.

Suzuki, meanwhile, has apologised for improper road tests but has insisted that mileage results were not illegally falsified.

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