Miraculous escape for A1 motorist

A motorist who was changing his tyre on the hard shoulder of the northbound A1 near Wetherby, had to jump over a crash barrier to safety when he saw a lorry heading straight towards him.

The driver had stopped to change one of the tyres of his silver Mazda 323 when the accident occurred.

When he looked over his shoulder, he saw a red Scania lorry heading straight for him.

He hurdled over the crash barrier at the side of the motorway just before the vehicle crashed into his car, North Yorkshire Police said.

As his vehicle was completely written off in the collision, the owner will be relying on hiscar insurance provider to help get him back on the road.

"Something told him to look over his shoulder and if he hadn't, we could have been dealing with an extremely tragic outcome," said Traffic Constable Rob Roberts of Harrogate Roads Policing Group.

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