Ministers warned against CCTV ban

Ministers warned against CCTV ban

The Local Government Association (LGA) has warned against Government plans to ban CCTV parking cameras.

The LGA has been joined by a number of other organisations including the National Association of Head Teachers, road safety charity Brake, the Royal National Institute for the Blind and the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety.

The Government wants to stop local authorities from using CCTV to tackle dangerous parking outside schools, the blocking of bus lanes and loading bays as well as stopping people who park on pavements posing a risk to disabled pedestrians.

The LGA said imposing a ban would also put schoolchildren at risk and be detrimental to general road safety. It has called for the Government to create a working group of councils, charities, road safety campaigners and motoring groups to revise the rules of CCTV use as well as revamp statutory parking guidance.

Commenting, RAC head of external affairs Pete Williams said: "Parking penalties are one of the biggest bugbears for drivers and particularly the number dealt out by anonymous CCTV parking cameras but when it comes to driving behaviours around our schools nobody can argue against any measure which reduces the risk to children caused by selfish or plain stupid parking.

"It is critical that all drivers allow common sense to prevail to ensure that we have safe routes to school for children.

"The RAC has recently launched its Child Road Safety Campaign with Horace, a new canine road safety mascot created by Aardman which aims to engage, inform and inspire school children to create their own road safety animation movies. It is important that every child is given the life-skills to keep them safe around our roads but it will always be the first responsibility of drivers to exercise maximum caution around child pedestrians and cyclists."

Peter Box, LGA's economy and transport board chairman said: "The groups all agree with councils that banning CCTV parking enforcement will put school children and disabled pedestrians at risk and worsen road safety.

"The Government has wrongly claimed councils are alone in wanting to protect CCTV powers but, in fact, they face strong opposition to a ban that is impossible to ignore."

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