Ministers consider use of metric signs

Ministers consider use of metric signs

Metric measurements look set to be used on road signs in the UK for the very first time.

The concept forms part of Government plans to improve outdated signs and make it easier for drivers to get from A to B.

The metric measurements could be displayed alongside traditional imperial measurements on the new-style signs, showing height and width restrictions in both metres and centimetres, and feet and inches.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "With an increasing number of large foreign vehicles using our roads this may actually prove to be safer in the long run.

"Many people, of course, have a knowledge of both the metric and imperial systems but there are also many older people who may not be so familiar with metric measurements and then there are those visiting from Europe who are baffled by imperial signs. So as long as both are displayed, all motorists should be well equipped to make the right decision about the height or width of a bridge.

"However, we see no reason for speed limit and distance signs to become metric as the majority of vehicles' dashboards display both miles and kilometres per hour information. We believe this would be a step too far for drivers, as miles are at the very heart of British motoring."

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