Minis 'best for holding value'

Minis 'best for holding value'

Many car buyers who opt for a Mini are typically swayed by their size, design and world-famous iconic look.

But now a new study suggests that UK drivers who buy one will also be benefiting financially.

The research found that Minis hold their value better than cars produced by any other manufacturer.

The study, carried out independently at Glass's, found that Minis depreciate in value by 16.4% a year on average. This means they are losing up to 10% less in value each year when compared with the cars which depreciate the most, potentially saving owners thousands when they come to sell the vehicle on.

Glass's head of analytics, Andrew Jackson, says the study of 34 manufacturers shows that comparatively Minis still hold a high proportion of their value, even after seven years.

Minis have been an icon of British motoring since the 1960s, when they starred in Michael Caine's classic crime caper The Italian Job.

The BMW Group, which makes Minis, has 28 assembly lines and production units in 13 countries as well as a sales network in over 140 nations around the world.

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