Mini prepares for new incarnation

Mini prepares for new incarnation

Mini has signed off the last of the current generation hatchback model at its manufacturing base in Oxford.

The current version of the popular car has been reproduced 1,041,412 times for customers around the world, but Mini is now set to bring out a new design in the spring.

That means that no sooner had the outgoing model rolled off the production line, then staff at the factory started work on the new incarnation.

Since production started in 2001, more than 1.8 million Minis have been built at the factory, with the latest model introduced seven years ago. That version saw the introduction of turbocharged engines and suspension revisions which made the car a popular choice for drivers across the globe, who also favour its reliability and handling.

The original 'new' Mini was built between 2001 and 2006.

The new model will soon be in showrooms, so the factory has built enough of the outgoing version to satisfy global demand.

Figures show that 14% of all cars built in the UK last year were Minis.

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