Millions take to roads for May Day weekend

Millions take to roads for May Day weekend
The May Day bank holiday weekend getaway begins in earnest on Friday, with the RAC estimating more than 10 million leisure journeys will be made by families across the UK.

Between Friday and Monday evening, millions have signalled their intentions to take advantage of a second long weekend in just a fortnight, by hitting the roads to visit family, friends or enjoy a weekend away.

The RAC is reminding all bank holiday travellers to make the necessary checks to their vehicles before setting off on long journeys, and to be prepared for delays at pinch points on the network.


Analysis of drivers’ plans by RAC Traffic Watch suggests that the majority of the expected 10.3 million individual leisure journeys will come on May Day (Monday) itself, with around 3.4 million vehicles set to take to the roads.

At the other end of the scale, Friday should be the most favourable day to travel in terms of congestion, with 1.9 million journeys planned, fewer than in previous years.

However, with the addition of commuter traffic, delays are still to be anticipated even in this quietest of days.

Weather-wise, the latest Met Office forecasts show uncertainty, although it does appear the recent cold snap has passed making way for a return to the warmer temperatures which have graced the UK for much of April.

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RAC traffic spokesman Rod Dennis said: “With Easter just a fortnight ago, for many people the May Day bank holiday may have come as something of a pleasant surprise. Certainly our figures show that many of us will be packing the car up to enjoy a trip to see friends or family, with the vast majority of leisure journeys expected on Bank Holiday Monday itself – which suggests day trips and drivers returning after a short break will be responsible for much of the traffic.

“We strongly recommend anyone travelling a fair distance gives their car a quick once over before setting out – check your car’s coolant and oil levels, the state of its tyres and make sure you have topped up with washer fluid. All of these things can dramatically cut the chances of a breakdown at the side of the road.

“If you are towing for the first time this year, pay particular attention to the condition of your caravan or trailer’s tyres which may have deteriorated throughout the winter.”

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