Millions of garages 'full of junk'

Millions of garages 'full of junk'

Millions of drivers have to park their car on a driveway or road because their garages are cluttered with junk, according to a new poll.

The study of 2,000 motorists, which was commissioned by Continental Tyres, found that 20% of UK drivers can no longer fit their car into their garage because it is full of items such as camping gear, garden tools, paint tins or even fridges and freezers.

Other items people like to store in their garage include garden furniture, DIY tools and bicycles. On average, a third of people's garage space is filled with a random collection of things.

The researchers also found that the items people keep in their garages have an average value of £2,808, while the average car has a value of £11,157.

Tim Bailey, spokesman for Continental Tyres, said: "With the car on the street we shun routine checks on tyre pressure, oil and water levels yet a few minutes a week on these will improve road safety, save money on fuel and reduce maintenance costs."

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