Millionaire cabbie to buy new car

A Cardiff taxi driver who won £1 million in a lottery raffle has revealed plans to spend his windfall.

Adam Derbi, 35, from the Cardiff suburb of Ely, is the latest winner of the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle.

The father of five and his wife, Natalia, now plan to buy a seven-seater family car, big enough to carry them all.

They also hope to purchase a new house and move from their current rented home in Rumney.

"A £1 million win is a colossal amount of money, but I have a big family and I am determined to be as practical and sensible as I can," said Mr Derbi.

He added: "Yes, we'll look for a house and car that are right for me, Natalia and our five children, but then it's a case of allowing the money to give us some security and our children a decent start in life.

"I'll be making arrangements so they have good deposits for a house or car when they're old enough."

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