Mile of BMW Minis to assemble this Sunday

You read that headline right – a line of Minis will assemble at Dorney Lake, Eton, Berkshire with the aim of stretching for over one while mile.

It’s not just a stationary exhibition though. Mini owners will first meet at the new Mini plant in Oxford, taking a leisurely look at the vehicles on display at the manufacturing facility.

From there teams will have to solve some simple clues on the drive to Dorney Lake – the venue of the 2012 Olympic Rowing event – before completing a special stage at the location and parking up for the display. Blaring ‘The Self Preservation Society’ from your car’s speakers is entirely optional, but will be most welcome…

The mile of Minis will eventually move off, making for some fantastic photo opportunities too.

However, the event isn’t just about being a record-breaking show. The aim of the Mini mania is to raise funds for Variety Club Children’s Charity – helping sick, disabled and disadvantaged children to reach their full potential – and Maidenhead Rotary Club.

All entrants will be asked to raise a minimum of £30, so if you know someone with a Mini, make sure they get involved. It’s for a good cause, after all.

The Mile of Minis event is happening on Sunday the 14th October, costing £20 for Mini drivers and an additional £15 for passengers. For more information, visit the website here -

If it’s new or old Minis you’re interested in – or even if you’re impartial on the subject – there’ll be an excellent array of cars on display. Go on, it’ll be a Mini adventure…