Michelin 'green' tyres gain award

Which? magazine has awarded a 'Best Buy' certificate to an eco-friendly car tyre designed by French manufacturer Michelin.

The firm's Energy Saver wheel was given the accolade following a test of summer tyres by the consumer campaign group.

Results of the trial were published in the magazine's April issue, and overall it found that the 65/70 R14 T tyres performed best in categories such as wet and dry handling and braking, wear and external drive-by noise.

It is the company's fourth version of environmentally friendly tyres. It has been structured and designed to enhance fuel consumption which in turn decreases the amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Steve Dolby, Michelin's product marketing manager, said it was a great result for the firm and "emphasises the Balance of Performance philosophy" that they include in their tyre designs. He went on to explain that it means "no one area of performance should negatively affect another".

"It is also interesting that the Which? test focused on criteria that will appear on tyre labels when the legislation comes into effect later this year. This should help consumers make more informed decisions when purchasing tyres, based on important considerations like safety and the environment," he added.

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