Michael Madsen leaves Gumball rally

Reservoir Dogs star Michael Madsen has temporarily withdrawn from the Gumball 3000 Rally car after the driver of his car was stopped in Belgium for speeding.

The incident happened on the inaugural day of the event while the actor was travelling in an Aston Martin to Amsterdam for the first stopover after setting off from London's Pall Mall.

The 12th annual Gumball rally covers 3,000 miles to New York with stops in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Stockholm in Europe before the super-cars are flown to Boston to begin the North American leg of the event.

Madsen was among several celebrities, including the Wire's Idris Elba, US singer Eve and rapper Xzibit, to have signed up for the event. He is expected to rejoin the rally in the US.

A spokeswoman for Gumball said: "Michael was unlucky to be a passenger of a car that was stopped by police for speeding.

"He didn't know how long the driver would be with the police, so he decided to go straight to the US and will meet the rally when they arrive in the States later this week."

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