Met Office denies cold snap remark

Met Office denies cold snap remark

Officials at the Met Office have denied that they previously warned the next three months will be exceptionally cold.

The announcement is good news for motorists, who had been left fearing the worst following forecasts of heavy snow in the build up to Christmas and beyond.

But it may still be premature to pack away the winter survival kit, as the forecasters said it is simply not possible to predict what will happen so far ahead.

Drivers should therefore continue to prepare for every eventuality, as it is likely that snow and ice will cause havoc on the roads at some point.

Keeping a winter survival kit in the car - including things like extra clothes, a snow shovel, snacks and water, a first aid kit and a mobile phone - will prove crucial should you get stuck or break down by the roadside.

Responding to media reports that there could be months of disruptive snow ahead during the winter months, the Met Office wrote a blog post to explain it is more likely that there will be below-average temperatures than above-average temperatures.

It noted that the "uncertainty is quite large" looking forward, however, as things stand, December is set to be "fairly normal" by past standards.

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