Mercedes unveils new diesel engine

A wide range of trucks, buses and coaches will soon be powered by Mercedes' new heavy-duty, six-cylinder diesel engine.

With a 10.7-litre capacity, the OM 470 engine is smaller than its 12-litre OM 457 predecessor, but the new version is lighter, more efficient and more tractable, which should enable drivers to become less dependent on theirbreakdown cover .

The engine has been specifically designed for use in trucks, urban buses and rural coaches and is based on the OM 471 heavy-duty engine range released last year.

Weighing in at just 990kg, the engine is perfect for implementations where weight is a critical factor and 95% of its full torque is available from 800rpm. Maximum torque is available from 1,100rpm to 1,400rpm.

It uses many of the same technologies as the OM 471 such as high-pressure injectors that can deliver up to five separate injections per combustion cycle for smoother running as well as an asymmetric turbocharger for improved engine response.

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