Mercedes GLA tackles mine challenge

Mercedes GLA tackles mine challenge

Looking for an alternative off-road test for your SUV? Well how about going under the road.

The Mercedes GLA has been put through its paces in the Winsford Rock Salt Mine, 200 metres below the Cheshire countryside.

Lowered down nose first, drivers of four standard GLA models then had 130 miles of tunnels to investigate.

With extra lights to help navigate the gloom, the SUVs toured the mine, which provides much of the UK's salt supply.

It is now also used by the National Archives to store fragile paper records and historical documents, which are protected by the dry air and constant 14C temperature.

It made for a fascinating driving challenge for the GLA which has a higher chassis than the A-class and slightly extra ground clearance.

The 4MATIC four-wheel drive system was also invaluable over some of the rougher ground in the tunnels.

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