Mercedes advert 'misled public'

Mercedes advert 'misled public'

The advertising watchdog has said Mercedes-Benz misled the public over claims the whole E-Class Saloon range had lower carbon emissions and was better for the environment.

The claim, "CO2 emissions for the range are down to 139g/km, which means its better for the environment," gave the impression that a large proportion had reached the low figure, according to the watchdog.

But the Advertising Standards Authority said that "was not the case".

It argued CO2 emissions were dependent on a number of factors. These included the choice between petrol and diesel, manual and automatic, and external factors such as alloy wheels.

The ASA also said the advert for the E-Class mentioned in a footnote that emissions varied between 139g/km and 261g/km.

"In total there were 24 possible combinations, of which two had an emissions figure of 139g/km," said the ASA.

In response, Mercedes said its avert was "absolutely accurate", but it would "abide by the ASA ruling".

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