Men 'think less about car safety'

Men 'think less about car safety'

Many men prioritise speed and gadgets ahead of safety features when buying a new car, research has shown.

The study, completed by Opinion Matters for car supermarket Carcraft, showed that 52% of men do not see safety as the most important factor when picking a vehicle.

While 47% of blokes believe speed capabilities and nifty devices are more important, most women (60%) look at safety before anything else.

Female motorists also differ from their male counterparts by looking at the comfort (58%) provided and how fashionable vehicles are (5%).

With the current financial climate, if men want to cut down their motoring costs it might be an idea for them to follow in the footsteps of female drivers and buy safer cars to reduce theircar insurance premiums.

Michael Guttridge, business psychologist added, "Research shows that generally men are more likely to be risk-takers than women and young men in particular more aggressive. They also express their aggression in direct ways and become more competitive when driving - hence their interest in fast cars.

"Evolutionary psychology suggest that these behaviours would have helped a male survive and find a mate more easily."

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