Men 'naturally better drivers'

Men are naturally better drivers than women, a new study has suggested.

The study, conducted on 70 pre-school boys and girls, found that boys were 34% better at concentrating and demonstrating visual-spatial skills while driving in a straight line.

The pre-schoolers drove electric Roary the Racing Car ride-ons at the motor racing circuit Brands Hatch.

Researchers examined concentration, spatial awareness, dexterity, control and overall speed in a series of three trials and included controlled tests like driving in a straight race from start to finish, reversing and manoeuvring around cones.

Findings revealed that while the overall speed of girls is 5% faster than boys when racing straight, boys are 20% better than girls at maintaining their line.

Pre-schoolers between three and four years of age were believed to be ideal for the study to test natural driving ability.

Donna Dawson, child psychologist, said boys and girls develop significant differences in brain structure, hormones, and are influenced by culture and society a lot more after this age.

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