Men 'more likely' to drink drive

A new survey has found that the anti-drink-drive message is still being ignored, with men 10 times more likely to drink and drive than women.

The poll found that around 10% of men, but only one in 100 women, think it is safe to drive after drinking between three and four units of alcohol, which equates to about two to three premium strength pints of lager.

Not a single woman among the 2,600 motorists questioned considered it safe to drive after five units or more, but 1% of men said they would get behind the wheel.

Overall, 62% of men, but only 34% of women, were willing to drive after consuming alcohol.

Insurance company Diamond, which conducted the research, also discovered that 32% of men had been breathalysed, compared with only 12% of women.

Diamond managing director Sian Lewis said: "The fact that such a large percentage are happy to drive after having a drink is a real worry as any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive safely.

"Anyone, either male or female, can easily be pushed over the drink-drive limit, as a single pint of 5% lager can contain up to 2.8 units. These results show that the drive-drive message is being ignored."

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