Meet the new supercar called TREV

Meet the new supercar called TREV

A new Chinese research and development firm is set to unveil a supercar called TREV next month.

Techrules' hybrid gets it first public outing at the Geneva Motor Show, which will run between March 3 and 13 .

The Beijing-based company has named the model from the acronym of its Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle project.

The Geneva Motor Show is traditionally a showcase for new models.

Last year alone Audi's electric-powered R8 e-tron sporty number, Skoda's new-gen Superb and the Jaguar XE were all introduced here.

The 86th edition of the Swiss motor show will reveal to the world a machine which hooks up recharging turbines with electric motors.

The effect is a 1,030bhp model which can run for over 1,250 miles at any one time, Techrules claims.

History says it will be challenging for the project to be a success. But the world's press will get their first chance to pass judgement on TREV at a sneak preview on March 1.

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