Measures to avoid road gridlock

In an effort to avoid future gridlock on the roads, the CBI has called for radical changes to the way staff work and commute.

According to the business organisation, measures that would help ease congestion include staggered work commutes, increased car sharing, and more working from home.

Meanwhile, more use of American-style yellow school buses would help to cut school-run congestion, the CBI added.

The trade body also emphasised that road investment should focus on congestion hotspots, and that there should be greater use of private money to help deliver road improvements.

In addition, road pricing should be considered if new roads are built, with tolls on new lanes on motorways and A-roads.

Research found that roads are vital to as many as 80% of firms. Meanwhile 96% of businesses want the authorities to tackle rush-hour congestion as a matter of priority.

CBI deputy director-general John Cridland said: "The CBI would like to see policymakers put the same amount of energy and vision into roads as they are doing on high-speed rail."

A Department for Transport spokesman said: "Adding extra capacity where it is most needed will deliver safer, faster and more reliable journeys for motorists."

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