McDonald's in horse and cart snub

A McDonald's restaurant in Derbyshire turned naysayer when it denied a woman service at its drive through because she was travelling in a horse and carriage.

Debbie Murden, from Pinxton, was not allowed to buy food from the drive through in Alfreton because her mode of transport went against the fast-food restaurant's health and safety policy.

The 42-year-old said she had been served at the drive through of the same restaurant just a few weeks earlier and she later went on to get served at the drive through of a different fast food chain.

But McDonald's said it was unsafe to serve her because the lanes are specifically built for cars, vans and trucks.

A spokesman said: "We're very sorry to have disappointed Ms Debbie Murden and for any confusion caused. Our drive-thru lanes are custom built for motor cars, vans and trucks. They are extremely busy serving a large number of customers every hour, therefore our concern in this instance would be the safety of both the horse and the customer. We will ensure this policy is reiterated to our employees so any inconsistency is avoided."

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