Mazda production to resume in Japan

Production at Mazda plants in Japan will return to full capacity in June following increased demand as a result of European car scrappage schemes.

Production had been cut by the Japanese car maker as demand for new cars has plummeted since the start of the recession.

Throughout February and March, the Hiroshima-based manufacturer closed its plants in Hiroshima and Hofu every Friday.

But it appears that the cash incentives being used by Germany and recently introduced by the UK to increase new car sales are reviving the car industry.

Mazda spokesman Ken Haruki confirmed that from June all production suspensions will end.

The Hofu plant resumed a normal schedule in April, but the Hiroshima plant did not produce cars for two days during the month. This increased by another day during May.

Mazda had planned to suspend production at Hiroshima for two days in June, but the demand for Mazda cars in Europe is increasing after government boosts.

However, the same rise in demand is yet to be seen in Japan or the US.

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