Mazda ends rotary engine production

In light of disappointing sales figures and high emissions targets, Mazda has revealed it is set to halt the production of vehicles which use its rotary engines.

Production of the latest RX-8 model will come to an end in June next year, the company confirmed.

The vehicle, which will be made available from November 24, is the only Mazda model to currently use the rotary engine.

A sales target of 1,000 vehicles has been set by the car maker.

Those keen to invest in the vehicle will also need to budget for other key motoring costs such as road tax and car insurance.

While they tend to consume more fuel than piston engines, Mazda's rotary devices contain less moving parts. They are generally quieter than other engines too.

The demise of the rotary engine may indicate that car buyers are now more inclined to go for green options instead of sports cars.

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