Mazda announces CO2 emissions cut

Company-car drivers who choose to get behind the wheel of a Mazda 6 diesel or a Mazda 2 petrol car can now save cash, thanks to the Japanese car manufacturer's decision to lower the vehicles' CO2 emissions.

The improvements to the two models result in a drop in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax, which could help motorists, particularly at a time when they are struggling under soaring car insurance premiums.

A reduction in CO2 emissions to 140g/km from 142g/km on 163 and 180 horsepower versions of the 2.2-litre five-door Mazda 6 diesel leads to a fall in VED from Band F (£130) to Band E (£115), translating into an annual saving of £15.

Those at the wheel of the 2.2-litre five-door Mazda 6 diesel 129 horsepower model can benefit from a 1% fall in the BIK tax following a drop in CO2 emissions from 138g/km to 133g/km.

On the manual 1.5-litre Mazda 2 petrol engine version, a CO2 reduction from 135g/km to 132g/km is introduced, resulting in a 1% drop in the BIK tax.

Steve Jelliss, Mazda fleet and remarketing director, said: "At a time when corporate and personal budgets are being squeezed, Mazda customers are able to benefit from cash savings through these emission cuts."

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