Mazda achieves record sales results

Mazda achieves record sales results

Car manufacturer Mazda has defied the economic gloom by posting record sales figures in Scotland for September.

The 1,556 new cars sold by the Japanese giant beats their previous record - from March 2007 - by 36 vehicles. Hatchback Mazda2 was the most popular seller, as more than 600 were snapped up, while the Mazda3 sold 400 cars and the Mazda6 was bought by 300 people.

With sales to retail customers up by 50%, Scottish sales did not seem reliant on the scrappage scheme, as just 16 per cent of sales took advantage of the scheme compared to 25 per cent for the company's UK average.

Jeremy Thomson, Mazda UK managing director, said: "Throughout this economic downturn we have sought to ensure our dealers remain profitable, motivated and they have the tools to do the job effectively.

"We have also continued to build our brand awareness and give the dealers the product mix they require to hit their sales objectives. These actions are now beginning to pay off as we see increasing traffic in the showrooms."

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