Mayor reveals £9bn transport budget

A £9.2 billion budget for transport schemes in the capital over the next 12 months has been announced by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

The multibillion-pound budget for 2009/10 is up from £8.1 billion for 2008/09 and will include upgrades on the Tube and building the cross-London Crossrail scheme.

It will also go towards extending the East London Line and the Docklands Light Railway and implementing cycling initiatives.

But Mr Johnson added that some projects, such as the £40 million Greenwich Waterfront transit scheme, were being scrapped and others deferred.

Improvement work to the Underground is one of the schemes that is being put back to a later date.

Transport for London (TfL) has found that implementing work inherited from the failed Tube maintenance company Metronet is costing £400 million more than was first thought and is part of the reason for the postponement and axing of schemes.

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