May to host live show from Mini plant

May to host live show from Mini plant

Former Top Gear presenter James May is back on the BBC to present a new car show from one of the UK's busiest motor factories.

Building Cars Live will spotlight the work of BMW's Mini plant in Oxford - where a car is built every 67 seconds.

May will team up with BBC presenter Kate Humble and car designer Ant Anstead to broadcast two 90-minute live episodes next week.

They will present alongside more than 1,300 robots, one of which is nicknamed Jurassic Park.

May jokes that the biggest risk of doing a live show like this is "not knowing what we're talking about" - and having a sudden urge to go to the loo.

Because the production line generally only stops for a second, and any longer than a minute is fairly rare, he says he is confident there won't be any slip-ups or awkward moments due to failing technology.

What he is worried about, though, is "desperately needing a wazz... I'm getting quite old".

May says that normally when he is making TV programmes he is used to asking people to keep quiet or to turn off loud machinery, but this time it is likely to be the other way round due to how "minutely managed" the factory is.

He jokes that workers will be saying "can you stop making that TV programme because we're trying to build some bloody cars here?"

The programme will be dictated by the "beat" of the factory, he adds.

May is also currently filming a new motoring show for Amazon Prime that sees him reunited with his fellow former Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond.

The trio left the top-rated BBC show after Clarkson's well-documented fracas with a producer. Building Cars Live will be shown on BBC Two at 7.30pm on Tuesday October 20 and Wednesday October 21.

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