Maverick fights `stealth tax` parking

`Stealth tax` parking tickets are being challenged at the High Court in London by `metric martyr` maverick Neil Herron.

The Sunderland market trader is seeking permission to apply for a judicial review of "unfair and unlawful" council parking regimes.

He said: "This is the case motorists have been demanding for the past 10 years, and one which we expect to become the biggest motoring legal challenge the country has ever seen."

Having re-mortgaged his home to launch this test case, he said: "Local authorities have not been closely following their legal requirements, and there are very serious questions to be asked about the independence of the adjudication service.

"We have support pledged from a number of aspects of the British motoring public, from taxi drivers, couriers and motorcyclists down to the individual motorist. We are all fed up with being stealth taxed by a system which does not appear to be properly accountable or regulated."

Mr Herron was at the centre of the battle to stop the prosecution of British shopkeepers who wanted to go on using imperial measurements.

He turned his attention to parking after being hit by a number of fines by his local council.

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