Massa slams driver wage cut plan

Calls to bolster the precarious position of Formula One by the cutting wages paid to its top drivers have been rejected by Ferrari star Felipe Massa.

His team's boss Stefano Domenicali outlined the idea in a bid to cut expenditure following the withdrawal of Honda from the sport earlier this month.

But Domenicali's views are not shared by Massa, who is believed to have an annual salary of around £8 million.

When asked about the plan, Massa said: "I'm not inclined to it. In a competitive sport like this, the driver plays a fundamental part, and the cost of the drivers are small compared to the total budget of the teams. The more people work to reduce costs, the better it is going to be for everybody."

In order to reduce costs of top teams, which in 2008 was on average around £300 million, the idea of standardised engine was also put forward. This too was dismissed by Massa.

"I do not find this idea interesting," Massa said of the attempts to enforce a standard engine.

"The fight to diminish costs is important, but a standard engine gets away from what F1 is all about - and it cannot happen."

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