Many 'will not buy winter tyres'

A recent study for Manheim Auctions has revealed that the vast majority of motorists in the UK do not plan to buy specialist tyres for this year's winter period.

Despite the predictions of another winter of chaos on the roads and disruptions caused by snow last year, 95.5% of the 3,000 motorists quizzed by One Poll said they do not plan to use winter tyres this year.

With no plans to invest in winter tyres, motorists may want to have abreakdown cover policy that will safeguard them during the colder months of the year.

According to the study, 92% of the respondents said that they drove differently in the snow. Of the rest, 63% claimed to have enough skill to handle difficult weather conditions.

As many as 41% cited cost as the main factor that was deterring them from buying winter tyres.

More than a quarter (28%) said they did not think weather conditions would be bad enough to buy these tyres, while 16% said they were ignorant about the tyres.

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