Many 'start holiday trip with row'

More than half of all motorists have begun a trip having a row with their partners or a family member, according to a new survey.

Continental Tyres, which carried out the survey, said a relaxing holiday often turns into a stressful experience for people when things don't go according to plan.

Motorists have an average of three arguments throughout the journey and around 15% end up more stressed after their holiday than before.

Getting lost on unknown routes and disagreements over directions are among the leading causes of in-car spats, a survey of 2,000 people revealed.

Faults with the car account for nearly one-fifth (18%) of the problems during a holiday trip.

Continental spokesman Tim Bailey said: "The anticipation of a great and much-needed holiday builds expectations - and when problems occur, stress levels rise.

"What really creates tension is when something happens that better planning would have avoided."

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