Many 'in dark over electric cars'

More people might not be buying electric cars because they do not know much about how they work, a survey has revealed.

GfK Automotive discovered that less than a tenth (8%) of the 3,161 motorists questioned revealed they would definitely or probably buy an electric vehicle at some point in the future.

More than four in 10 (44%) motorists thought that an electric car costs the same or less than a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle, whereas they can cost up to £25,000, even with a Government grant.

Even if motorists save money by shopping around for cheapercar insurance deals, the decision to go electric could still prove to be a costly one.

Six in 10 motorists also wrongly assumed they would only have to charge their vehicles for two hours, whereas they need to be plugged in for six hours to reach maximum battery power.

More than half (52%) thought that electric cars could travel up to 200 miles before they needed re-charging, twice as long as the range of current models.

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