Many have driverless cars fears

Many have driverless cars fears

British drivers remain largely sceptical about driverless cars, despite the Government's £19 million commitment to make them a reality.

Research by SPA Future Thinking reveals a third (33%) would not get into such a vehicle due to fears over safety, reliability and lack of control. Furthermore, 48% would not consider buying one at any point in the future.

In fact, the vast majority (80%) believe driverless cars must have controls such as a steering wheel so occupants can take control if necessary compared to a mere 6% who think no controls would be needed.

Richard Barton of SPA Future Thinking says such technology raises the complex issue of liability in accidents. He claims legislator insurers and the highway code officials would need to sit down and clearly address the issue before anyone can be their own backseat driver.

The fact only 17% of respondents think driverless cars will remove the need for a driving test in the future suggests they are reluctant to embrace this new technology.

Technological malfunctions and the threat of hacking or viruses (18%), danger to the public (15%), lack of control (11%) and unproven technology (8%) were also cited as major concerns by drivers in the UK.

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