'Many drivers avoid motorways'

Motorways are used less than twice a year by nearly a quarter of drivers, a Government survey has revealed.

The Department for Transport survey of 2,798 adults revealed that fewer than 20% of motorists use the roads twice a week.

It also shows that more than half of drivers thought that the road charge system should be changed to reflect how frequently, where and when motorists were using routes.

This shift towards actual road use could help bring down drivers'car insurance costs.

The survey showed:

:: 88% of car drivers use their vehicle at least twice a week with most driving every day;

:: Most road journeys occur during peak times although half who travel to and from work during peak times said it would be easy for them to travel outside these periods;

:: 80% said congestion was a serious problem and 90% said it was important for the Government to tackle it;

:: Only 30% said road congestion was rarely a problem for them;

:: More than half reckoned a road charging scheme based on times of travel and specific route taken would NOT work in reducing congestion;

:: When asked whether they would be prepared to accept road pricing as long as there was no overall increase in the amount paid by motorists as a whole, 38% agreed while 34% disagreed. In a similar survey two years ago, 41% agreed and 35% disagreed.

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