Mansell: Ferrari need reliability

Ferrari must resolve the technical difficulties that have plagued the team this season or risk falling further behind championship rivals McLaren and Red Bull, according to former world champion Nigel Mansell.

Drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa have failed to win since the opening race of the season in Bahrain, while their British-based rivals have prospered. Although Alonso trails championship leader Mark Webber by just 14 points, Massa has fallen an alarming 26 points off the pace.

Stefano Domenicali's team have lost points due to engine problems and Mansell admits he is surprised by the team's lack of progress, warning the car's poor reliability could cost them a chance of competing for the title.

Mansell, who won the drivers' championship in 1992, said: "The biggest surprise for me this season is how Ferrari have gone backwards.

"There is a great saying in Formula One that if you stand still, you go backwards and I don't think they've done that much wrong, it's just that their development going forward hasn't been as good as other people's. They have stood still and in standing still they have gone backwards. The development of McLaren and Red Bull has been phenomenal.

"It's a disappointment for all the fans and for F1. They need to pay attention otherwise they will be left in the wake of everybody else and that's a very unusual thing to happen to them."

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