Manic Monday for RAC

Following a milder couple of days, the severe overnight frost has caught many motorists out this morning.

RAC has seen unprecedented call volumes this morning since the start of the cold weather with 3000 calls per hour.  

The busiest areas are Leicestershire, East Midlands, Sheffield and the North East. Driving conditions in Scotland remain treacherous. Batteries problems continue to be the number one fault. To cope with the extra demand RAC has extra staff on hand to take calls from customers.

Alan Wilcock, RAC Patrol Ambassador of the Year, said: "Before you start the car in the morning, make sure everything is switched off - including the heater, fan, lights and radio. Turn the ignition key to the 'on' position for two or three seconds to allow the electronics to get going before starting the engine. These actions will save valuable energy - every volt is precious in cold weather."

RAC has around 2000 patrols across the UK who can be accompanied by media to get an accurate 'view from the road.'  It also has spokespeople available in London and at its key operations centre, near Birmingham, with access to views across the M6 and RAC's busy call centre.