Man seeks help over camera phobia

A driver who was forced to taker detours because of an "irrational fear" of speed cameras has contacted an enforcement agency to help cure his phobia.

Colin Gant, 41, of Lowestoft, Suffolk, drives more than 500 miles a week in his job as a management worker, but found himself taking detours to avoid the detection devices.

The father-of-two decided to approach the Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership for help after he started feeling anxiety and stress each time he passed a fixed-site camera.

Inspector Marcus Rowe, of the partnership, said: "Colin's reaction went beyond checking his speed.

"By contacting us, he recognised that he was having a rather excessive reaction, which was starting to affect his private life in the routes that he took."

Mr Rowe added that although Mr Gant had never been caught speeding he developed a phobia of speed cameras, but the agency helped by talking to him about how the cameras work and the people who operate them.

"I just think it was an irrational fear," he said. "In this country, spiders can't hurt you yet many people can't be in the same room as them."

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