Man rescues driver from car blaze

A factory worker rescued a woman trapped in a burning car following a crash on the M6 in Lancashire.

The local woman was dragged to safety by passing motorist Steven Wilson, 32, of Dumfries, who forced open the driver's door with his hands before pulling the woman out of the vehicle.

Christine Maude, 54, narrowly escaped the flames that engulfed her Rover 25 saloon. Police said Mr Wilson had saved her life.

Miss Maude, from Lancaster, was shocked by her ordeal but escaped injury and thanked her rescuer. She said: "I thank God that Steven Wilson was there because I believe he was a paratrooper and therefore knew what to do in that situation.

"I am extremely grateful to Steven for his quick presence of mind, for being physically strong enough to do what he did to get me out and for being prepared to put himself at risk to do so."

Mr Wilson played down his heroic deeds, insisting: "I was just on automatic. I was just trying to get her out, to save her."

The Rover collided with a Peugeot towing a vehicle close to Charnock Richard Services. It was then knocked into the outside lane by another car and burst into flames.

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