Man held after photographing police

A man who was arrested and kept in a cell for five hours after photographing a police officer reversing up a one-way street is pursuing a compensation claim for wrongful arrest, it has emerged.

Andrew Carter noticed a police van reversing up a one-way street in Bristol and stop near a fish and chip shop. He confronted the two officers with his camera and was allegedly met with abuse.

The plumber told the Bristol Evening Post: "I pointed at the sign and said "no entry" to the driver who swore and said 'police business'."

Mr Carter then took a photographs of the van and the officer, through the window of the chip shop.

"I was then put in handcuffs and he said I had 'assaulted' him with my camera and that I was also being arrested for resisting arrest and being drunk and disorderly," Mr Carter explained to the Bristol Evening Post.

The plumber was taken to Broadbury Road police station and placed in a cell for five hours until he was released on bail. He was not charged with any offences.

He made a formal complaint of wrongful arrest against Pc Aqil Farooq - who faces a disciplinary tribunal.

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