Man denies £100m 'ringing scam'

A £100 million 'ringing' scam recycled 4,000 stolen vehicles and allowed lorries to beat London's £200-a-day Low Emission Zone anti-pollution charges, a court has heard.

Margate businessman Richard Shepherd's "car-ringing kits" included new registration plates and Vehicle Identification Number stickers, it is alleged at Southwark Crown Court.

Mr Shepherd, 43, of Birchington near Margate, and nephew Jamie Langdon, 21, of Orpington, deny conspiracy to defraud, using 0 trade marks, money laundering and making articles for use in fraud between October 2003 and August 2008.

David Groome, prosecuting, said: "A conservative estimate is that Mr Shepherd has made ringing kits... worth in excess of £100 million for over 4,000 vehicles, most of them luxury cars. But many of them were plant equipment, some enormous JCB diggers... worth as much as £1 million each."

In addition, he allegedly masked the identities of stolen boats, trailers, compressors and industrial shredders.

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