Man caught doing 160mph on motorway

Man caught doing 160mph on motorway

A driver was reportedly going so fast on the road that the speed gun used by nearby traffic police stopped working.

Officers say it took them around four miles to catch up with the man, hurtling past them in a company car on the A28 motorway in northern France, according to the Daily Mail.

Its website reports that the driver is a British man who works in London and was travelling at around 160mph in an Audi R8 in the Normandy region.

French police have not named the man but the newspaper's website reports that his car and driver's licence was seized by prosecutors who also banned him from using France's roads.

Scheduled for a court appearance, the driver could be fined as much as £1,300.

The Daily Mail quoted a traffic police officer as saying: "This is the fastest speed we have ever recorded on the entire Normandy motorway network that we patrol. In fact, we couldn't get the exact speed because the radar stopped working."

According to French police, many drivers from the UK treat roads in France as if they are racing tracks, the website reports.

The man currently being prosecuted is said to be the seventh UK motorist caught going faster than 120mph on the same road over the weekend.

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