Male drivers 'are more dangerous'

Male motorists are more likely than their female counterparts to be involved in accidents because of dangerous on-road behaviour such as speeding and drink-driving, new research shows.

According to the Institute of Advanced Motorist (IAM), the likelihood of crashing because of careless or reckless driving is twice as high for men as women.

Men also face a bigger risk of accidents as a result of poor driving habits and lack of experience. They are also twice as likely as women to be "very confident" about their driving abilities.

The study found that both men and women enjoy being on the road and consider themselves overall to be safe and competent drivers.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: "These results show that we need to look at the psychology of male drivers to reduce risky behaviour and over-confidence, but for both sexes accidents could be easily reduced by improving driver skills and lives could be saved.

"The government is moving towards this by introducing driver training for careless driving offences but all drivers should consider training."

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