Make speed-trap vans 'eye catching'

Painting police speed-camera vans the same eye-catching colour would improve road safety, campaigning group Safe Speed has said.

Claire Armstrong, the group's co-founder, said they should all be painted the same bright colour so that road-users were left in no doubt.

"Consistency is good on the roads," she said. "Motorists know that a red light means stop and green means go, no matter where they are.

"Speed camera vans should be the same. Identical. One bright fluorescent orange or yellow with the same markings. Then motorists will always know what they are - and they may be a deterrent."

Cambridgeshire is the latest force to change the colour of its vans - but from yellow to blue, making them less obvious to drivers. The force said the change bought the vans into line with the rest of its "traffic unit" vehicles.

"The vans were due to be replaced," said Inspector Clinton Hale. "We decided to change the colour to blue to fit in with the rest of the vehicles used by the traffic unit as the previous yellow vans were occasionally mistaken for work vans."

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